Our Platform

Orbee's Platform combines all the common marketing and sales capabilities required in today's digital marketplace that allow dealerships to leverage their own proprietary buyer data.

Interaction Tracking

Track, identify, and collect individual user interactions.

Orbee's Interaction Tracking features can help measure dealership awareness, monitor customer satisfaction, and analyze the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign through tracking your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Outbound Marketing

Entice consumers with traditional and digital forms of marketing.

With Orbee's Outbound Marketing, your dealership will have all access to traditional marketing strategies in addition to implementing today's digital marketing strategies. Personalize your targeting campaigns in accordance to your shopper demographics, whether it be traditional direct mail for older shoppers or online targeted ad campaigns for the younger generation.

Sales Automation

Accelerate your sales process and close more deals with automation.

Implement Orbee's Sales Automation into your sales funnel to improve marketing consistency, send leads to relevant products and offers, and to streamline your overall sales process. With our sales automation implementation, your dealership can expect higher conversion rates right away.

Data Management

Build unique shopper profiles and targeted campaigns with stored data.

Organizing and analyzing customer data are only two of the many things Orbee's Data Management can help your dealership with. With implementation from Facebook and Google, utilize customer segmentation to build unique shopper profiles and targeted campaigns, and stay organized through your marketing and sales process.

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