Stay organized

Store, regulate, systemize, and segment first-party data collected from different sources to deliver relevant content, products, and services to your customers at a timely manner.

Segment Automation

Orbee’s integration with Google AdWords Audience allows your dealership to effortlessly build adaptable and personalized ads to different segments within your customer database. Increase the chances of converting a click into a sale with Orbee’s automated segment feature.

Exercise your customer data the right way

Spamming irrelevant ads can be a turn off for some of your customers. Orbee’s third party integration with Google AdWords Audience segment automation allows your dealership to exercise customer data the right way: providing customers their choice of advertisement.

Construct tailored exchanges

Give each segment of customers within your customer database the ads they want to see. Invite a specific segment to view their vehicle of choice deals while offering targeted service coupons to a different segment of customers.

Reduce wasted marketing efforts

Don’t waste money on buying ads that are targeting the wrong group of customers. With segment automation, pick and choose more accurate ad marketing for each segment within your customer database.

Facebook Conversion Management

Use Orbee’s Facebook implementation to help customize Facebook ads for your dealership’s online store. Retain customer interest by displaying previously viewed vehicle ads, lead form submissions, and offer service coupons to re-engage your audience.

Retarget old customers

Once the Facebook pixel is triggered on your website and an action is taken, use the stored customer data to reach them again through future Facebook ads.

Retain customer interest

Custom Facebook ads that display previously viewed vehicles are beneficial in reigniting interests and bringing customers back to your site to complete their purchases.

Reach new customers

Catch the eye of a potential new customer by advertising your ads to people on Facebook who have interests in the automotive industry.

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