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Learn more about user preferences, behaviors, and interactions with your dealership while also creating, augmenting, and improving shopper profiles.

Click Tracking

Tracking how your shoppers clicked to your site is critical in understanding what campaigns work and how best to tailor your shopper's experience.

Integrate into any traffic source

Utilize Orbee Click Tracking in any and all your existing online traffic sources ranging from the newsletters you send from your dealership CRM to retargeting campaigns run on your behalf by agencies.

Gain greater control on all incoming traffic

The Orbee Click Tracking fixes misclassifications, adds missing classifications like UTM tags, and enables you to route users based on data. Increasing transparency into your inbound traffic is critical in your vendor relationships.

Calculate your acquisition costs and effectiveness

Classifying all inbound traffic correctly and thoroughly allows you to report and calculate your spend and effectiveness before your vendor reports back to you.

Call Tracking

Tracking all phone calls made from your web property is important to connect online and offline interactions with your sales personnel.

Integration is simple and automated

Orbee Call Tracking dynamically replaces all existing numbers throughout your dealership's website with trackable phone numbers based on how shoppers arrived and where they are on your site.

Review call reports and integrate into existing CRM

Use Orbee Call Tracking to seamlessly log and record every call and integrate activity into existing CRM systems. Easily review calls with call recording and speech to text transcription.

Attribute offline activity to online campaigns

Call tracking is crucial in understanding which campaigns are driving better performance even with offline actions like phone calls.

Lead Tracking

Tracking your leads is crucial in giving you the data you need to track how leads contacted you, see which leads are actually driving revenue, and most importantly, helping you create customized ads to increase the chances of closing a sale.

Accommodate into your CRM for lead management

With Orbee Lead Tracking, collect and manage exclusive shopper information in order to personalize unique campaigns to target related customers.

Effectively manage your sales pipeline

Track the various touch points shoppers make across online channels to focus on prospects at each stage of your sales pipeline. Use these insights to determine how to go from potential lead to closing a sale.

Convert site users to leads

Acquire more customers and boost customer satisfaction by increasing your lead to sales ratio. Lead tracking gives you the personalized pinpoint information per lead that you need in closing deals.

Email Tracking

Email tracking is the most effective way of knowing when shoppers have received, opened, or clicked on links in your emails. Send timely follow-ups and close deals faster than ever.

Install in all emails you send out

Easily implement Orbee Email Tracking into all the emails you send out to track if and when shoppers opened your emails.

Gauge lead interest and send timely follow-ups

Use Orbee Email Tracking to follow up on shoppers that have opened and viewed your emails or to chase unresponsive customers.

Create and send related offers and ads

Creating unique emails with data gathered from tracking your leads and directly addressing them to different shoppers are more likely to pique interest and close sales.

Wifi Tracking

WiFi analytics offers your dealership reports and insights on offline shopper demographics, foot traffic, and more. Utilize this data to convert in-store visitors to digital profiles.

Provide free WiFi with Orbee powered hotspots

Implement Orbee Tether at your dealership and benefit both your company and shoppers by providing them with free WiFi while also collecting user information at the same time.

Convert in-store visitors to digital profiles

Orbee Tether takes the data collected from in-store visitors through WiFi tracking and logs it in our analytics platform. Convert in-store visitors to digital profiles and use these insights to better retarget users.

Track campaign performance and retarget users

Use digital profiles to observe your site visitors and to track which campaigns appeal to them the most. Create competitive advantages in retargeting users by enriching customer profiles.

Widget Tracking

Provide a complete view of all interactions on your website by collecting events inside widgets that are not visible to your current analytics platform.

Integrate into every third-party widget

Implementing the Orbee Widget Tracking code allows you to sync all events between widgets with your main site, meaning you now get a full view of all shopper interactions happening on the site.

Increase and bring in more conversions

Make use of widget tracking to further increase your lead and conversion rates by obtaining shopper data that is normally unattainable.

Acquire leads willingly submitted by shoppers

By syncing events between widgets and the main site and now having a complete view of all shopper interactions, your dealership now has access to clean and true shopper data.

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