Speed it up

Decrease wasted time spent on manually operating sales tasks by choosing to automate them instead.

Lead Management

Track and manage prospective customers, nurture and segment captured leads, and optimize your entire sales process all under an automated lead management.

Integrate and automate lead generation

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales by integrating Orbee Lead Management to help your dealership track and nurture your leads into becoming sales.

Track and organize leads from beginning to end

Having the proper lead management critical to your dealership's success. Use Orbee Lead Management to prevent lost leads and track the entire process from initial contact all the way to closing deals.

Manage leads and marketing strategies all at once

Lead management is important in analyzing how a shopper was converted from a prospect to a lead and eventually to a customer. These insights can help your marketing personnel determine what strategies are working the best.

Call Tracking

Tracking all phone calls made from your web property is important to connect online and offline interactions with your sales personnel.

Integration is simple and automated

Orbee Call Tracking dynamically replaces all existing numbers throughout your dealership's website with trackable phone numbers based on how they arrived and where they are on your site.

Review call reports and integrate into existing CRMs

User Orbee Call Tracking to seamlessly log and record every call and integrate activity into existing CRM systems. Easily review calls with call recording and speech to text transcription.

Attribute offline activity to online campaigns

Call tracking is crucial in understanding which campaigns are driving better performance even with offline actions like phone calls.

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