Orbee Tether

Give your dealership the power to collect offline shopper data by installing Orbee Tether in store and linking in-store customers signed into WiFi.

Utilize WiFi analytics

Learn more about your customers by using WiFi analytics to create reports about shopper demographics.

Complete digital profiles

Combine pieces of data collected both online and offline and convert them into digital profiles.

Retarget users

Retarget shoppers by offering special promotion deals and showcasing vehicles with the data collected in store.

Match online customers with offline customers

Determine which digital ad campaigns are the best in bringing online customers to your store. From there, convert in-store customers to digital profiles.

A simple installation

Orbee Tether is flexible in which you can choose between TP-Link's Omada router or Ubiquiti's Unifi router for WiFi tracking in-store. Installation is as simple as two easy steps: connecting the router and collecting the data.


Orbee Tether requires only two simple steps: setting up the router of choice through Orbee and connecting the hardware in store.


Collected data will be stored in Orbee's system and can be easily accessed through our Platform.

We make it easy to get to know your customers

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